Book review: Michael William O’ Malley’s “Prolifers: A Novel”

When I was about nine or ten, our teachers back at the Catholic school I was studying in thought it would be a great idea to subject our little minds to the film “The Silent Scream“. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a very popular film among pro-life circles, and shows what appears to be a fetus making outcries of pain and discomfort.

Of course, the whole bunch of us were scared beyond our wits. Imagine being a 10-year-old and being shown what actually went on inside a girl’s innards. Now imagine those innards being shown to you in all its mutilated, bloody gory. It was enough to make all of us staunchly against abortion.

Even now, with me being such an ardent supporter of the Reproductive Health Bill currently in Congress, abortion is something I cannot support. Maybe in extreme cases like rape and incest, but that’s a maybe.

Which is why you’d think that a book as staunchly against abortion as “Prolifers: A Novel” would be something I wouldn’t be averse to. You (yes, you) and I both thought wrong.
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Book review: Anne Rice’s “Of Love and Evil”

I was an Anne Rice fanboy.

I still remember reading “interview with a Vampire” on the jeepney home from school, and thinking that there couldn’t possibly be anything more awesome than gay vampires who sleep in coffins together.

Since then, she’s had a devoted follower in me. I have almost all of her books, and those I couldn’t buy, I stole. Even if some of her books kind of started to dip in quality after “The Queen of the Damned”, I still bought each and everyone, being one of the Anne Rice faithful.

Her return to Christianity, however, was sort of the line in the sand for me. I didn’t pick up any of her “Christ the Lord” books, and definitely didn’t even venture anywhere near “Called Out of Darkness“. I just felt like it was a betrayal.

I did, however, give “Angel Time” a chance. And to put it bluntly, I thought it sucked (haha), especially since I had been reading John Lindqvist’s excellent “Let The Right One In” alongside it. It just paled in comaprison.

I thought that I wouldn’t even bother reading “Of Love and Evil” once it came out, but then I thought that if I could give Becca Fitzpatrick a second chance, surely Anne deserved it as well?

In which I am sorely disappointed

Book to movie review: “Red Riding Hood”

Meann came through for me once again and got me tickets to the premiere of “Red Riding Hood” last night.

As everybody knows, I’ve been ready to watch this movie since I finished reading the novelization written by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright (review here). After all, the book promised a lot — from metaphorical mallet blow jobs to sweaty shirtlessness — and since the book is based on the script, I was ready to view the book’s innuendo-laden scenarios projected onto the silver screen.

And…well, something else happened.

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Book review: Becca Fitzpatrick’s “Crescendo”

“Crescendo is an enthralling sequel, with revelations that hit you like a gale force wind.”

“The way Fitzpatrick has written from Nora’s perspective draws you in as the reader, so that you are along for the ride with 100% emotional investment.”

“I would say it is a sure read one that will have you screaming at the ending!!”

I like to think that these bitches are throwing some serious sarcastic shade, because the only other option is horrifying: People actually think Becca Fitzpatrick’s “Crescendo” is a good book, and that I am actually living in Bizarro World.

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