Chapter by Chapter review: Tyra Banks’ “Modelland” Chapter 26 and 27


Well, maybe not exactly 84 years, but it’s legit been half a year the last time we visited our aspiring Intoxibellas in Modelland. Is everyone else still up to speed? Does everyone need to know who did what to whom? Does anyone even really care?

But for those who need a refresher: The Bellas enter a lesbian hipster cube. Golden showers. The iconic line: “This kitty-cat got a taste of your sweetness and wants more of your cream!”

In Chapter 26 “The Porcelain Pact”, we find out where exactly Dylan ran of to after the girls found themselves engaged in a little S&M inside the lesbian hipster cube.

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Book review: Cassandra Clare’s “Clockwork Princess”

Twenty-thirteen may just turn out to be Cassandra Clare’s year.

Not only is the movie adaptation of her debut novel “City of Bones” set to go up on screens in a few months, the popular young adult (YA) author has also just signed a contract to write three more books set in the same universe of Shadowhunters and Downworlders she first introduced to the world back in 2007.

This year also marks the publication of “Clockwork Princess”, the final book in “ The Infernal Devices” series that tells the story of Victorian-era Shadowhunters beset by a mechanical threat that may just be too much for them to handle.

But unlike the hugely successful books in “The Mortal Instruments” series, “Clockwork Princess” has its work cut out for it. The past two books in “The Infernal Devices” series — “Clockwork Angel” and “Clockwork Prince” — garnered sharply divided opinions from fans. Will “Clockwork Princess” reign supreme over the books that came before it and give Clare  a rollicking start as she embarks on a new series? Or will this conclusion to “The Infernal Devices” be definitive proof that it’s time for Clare to depart from the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders?

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