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Book review: Angeli Dumatol’s “Heartstruck”

Frankly I’m a little pissed there aren’t more videos of Filipinas doing arnis

In the continuing chronicles of me being a garbage person, I finally got around to reading and reviewing Angeli Dumatol’s YA novella, “Heartstruck”. I was supposed to read this and have the review out on October 15, but since I am a G A R B A G E P E R S O N, all of this is only getting done now.

Anyone else still interested in hearing my garbage person thoughts? If you’re that rare reader of garbage person thoughts, then click on the link to read more!

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Book review: Carla de Guzman’s “How She Likes It”

Because I am a garbage person, I was unable to finish Carla de Guzman’s “How She Likes It” on the time I was supposed to do so. It wasn’t because of the book though. It’s just that life has been a little tumultuous and it’s only now that I’ve finally had a breather.

But now, NOW, I’ve actually finished reading a book and share my thought on it with you guys. What? You’re not interested in hearing it? Sucks for you! This is still happening!

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Book review: Cat Sebastian’s “The Ruin of a Rake”

I thought news about gay rights in India would be appropriate as a character in the novel spent his childhood in India.

As a young kid, I’ve read my fair share of historical romance. As a child with an interest in history but a lack of history teachers enthusiastic about the subject they were teaching, these books let me take a peek into those eras, and had the added bonus of having some kissing in them as well.

But, as expected of books at the time — early to mid 90s — gay people were either not there, an antagonist, or an inconsequential side character. It wasn’t something I noticed when I was reading them back then, of course, but now seems spectacularly obvious now that I’m old and decrepit.

A gay historical romance wasn’t something I ever even considered, stupidly enough, so I was really excited to read Cat Sebastian’s “The Ruin of a Rake” when Mina lent me a copy. It’s technically my first gay historical romance — I don’t think “Maurice” counts — so I was ready to be wowed!

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Book review: Madeline Miller’s “Circe”

I’ve been waiting for this for so long you would not believe!

In case you guys didn’t know, I love Madeline Miller’s “The Song of Achilles“. I finished reading it during a cremation and I have a sneaking suspicion that people thought I was crying for the dead but I literally was crying at the part where Patroclus had to witness Achilles’ death.

At the time, I honestly didn’t know if Miller was ever going to follow that up with another work, and for the most part I had been happy that she had at least that one novel in her. So imagine my surprise when I saw a copy of “Circe” on the shelves of National Bookstore! I freaked out a bit about it on Twitter.

Of course, a seven year wait doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Add to that the fact that the sophomore slump is a real thing. Then add to that the fact that I had really high hopes for this novel, and you may have a recipe for disaster. Will “Circe” be as luminous as “The Song of Achilles”? Or will it fail to achieve immortality?

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Book review: “Fab & Proud: An Anthology of LGBT Stories”

I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve been told it is excellent representation!

Considering that my previous interval for blog posts was a literal year and some change, I think it’s not bad that I have another blog post to put up this Pride Month. Yay, I guess?

Like I said in my previous blog post, I’ve only planned on reading LGBTQ-themed books this month, starting with Precious Hearts Romances’ Pride Lit line. I’ve already reviewed Leonna’s “Mahal Kita, Pero–“, and now I’m posting my review of the line’s short story collection, “Fab & Proud: An Anthology of LGBT Stories”. Will I like this more than I did “Mahal Kita, Pero–“? Or would I have to deal with the same problems in this collection?

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Book review: Leonna’s “Mahal Kita, Pero –“

Happy Pride Month everybody!

So. It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged — more than a year! — and I legit had actual difficulty logging in to this blog again. BUT! I am slowly, slowly trying to make my way back to regular blogging, and what better time to do it than during Pride Month? When I am at the height of my powers.

All the books I’m going to review for this month will be LGBT books, starting with Precious Hearts Romances’ Pride Lit line, made up of “Mahal Kita, Pero –“, “Fab & Proud: An Anthology of LGBT Stories”, “Oh, Boy, I Love You!”, and “Left Brainer Community”.

I, admittedly, have not had a great experience with Precious Hearts Romances that have dipped into the LGBT experience — please see my review of Owwsic’s “Lesbi In Love”. Will Leonna’s “Mahal Kita, Pero –” fare any better? Read on under the cut!

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Book review: Jennifer Hallock’s “Under the Sugar Sun”

Several weeks ago, American author Jennifer Hallock came here to the Philippines to deliver a talk on how she does her research for the Philippine-set historical romances that she writes. It was a great and informative talk, with lots of *ahem* visual aids.

I have to confess that when I attended the talk, I was only barely a quarter into reading Under the Sugar Sun, the first book to be published in the Sugar Sun series. I got all the incentive to finish the book after that talk, though!

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My Life In Books: #AprilFeelsDay2017!

Fred Lo and Gio Gahol reading Agay Llanera’s Another Word for Happy

It’s been a year since the last #AprilFeelsDay, and so much has changed for the #romanceclass community since then. The books keep coming and so do the invitations to hold events at different locations, and I’m constantly amazed at how this community continues to grow. And not just in size, but also with the books that it puts out.

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Book review: C.P. Santi’s “Dare To Love”

Oh Mylanta, it’s been six months since I last put up anything on this here blog. So many things happened — a new job, even more #romanceclass events that I love going to  ut can’t seem to write about, and the daily struggle of trying to finish something creative.

Lost in all of that was my plan to post a review of C.P. Santi’s Dare to Love. I was given an ARC of this and even had time set aside to blog about it, but life and responsibilities piled up and now here we are, posting about it five months after I finished reading it.

When I was asked to review this new book by C.P. Santi, I didn’t hesitate at all as i enjoyed her work in  Maybe This TimeAs I’ve never read a full-length work from her, I wanted to know what she would be able to do beyond the restrictions of a short story.

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Book Review: owwSIC’s “Lesbi In Love”

In case you guys didn’t know, Come To My Window is a lesbian anthem.

SO. Guys. It’s been what…three months? Three months since I last posted anything. Believe you me guys, I had plans to do more posts since Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  I wanted to write about all the great work #romanceclass has been doing, how great the reception was for #romanceclass at the Manila International Book Fair, and a host of many other things.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I re-entered the rat race, and getting back on the corporate carousel often had me just faceplanting on whatever flat surface as soon as I got home. It was that or I didn’t want to do even more writing after spending the whole day writing.

So what is it that finally lifts me up from the blogging/writing rut I’ve found myself in recently?  As with most aspects of my life, rage and indignation is what’s got me going now. See, at the Manila International Book Fair, Precious Hearts Romances launched their Rebel Fiction imprint, and one of the books launched was Lesbi In Love. Here’s the blurb:

Mary Jovelyn Salazar or MJ for short can’t feel any sexual attraction towards the opposite gender. Sagad hanggang buto ang pagkainis niya sa mga lalaki. Mas gusto pa niyang magsuot ng mga damit-panlalaki kaysa magpaka-girly girl. Secretly in love din siya sa best friend niyang babae mula pa noong high school. Kaya, bakit may nararamdaman siyang something kay Ross Eliseo Valentin, ang notorious playboy ng school campus?

Can someone enlighten her, please?”

Oh boy.

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