Book review: Lena Bourne’s “His Whims”



Would you look at that? Yet another post, just a week after the last one! Am I getting back into the swing of things? I SURE HOPE SO.

This week, I was asked to be part of the blog tour for Lena Bourne’s His Whims, the first part in her His Forever serial. I thought that it would be a good choice as I start getting back into the swing of things, as it’s only 27 pages long and 9,000 words short. Will I end up regretting this choice? Or is this just what i need to get my blogging groove back?


His Whims is about Nicole, a 26-year-old journalist who’s doing everything she can to keep her job as a journalist at one of the United States’ leading newspapers. She’s convinced that her lead on a banker bankrolled by drug cartels is the way to solidify her place in the newspaper, and goes out of her way to find out the truth.

However, complications arise in the form of Mark, a newly minted billionaire banker who reappears in her life after disappearing from it for 12 years. His reappearance throws her for a loop, and jeopardises all her best laid plans. Will Nicole be able to keep her eyes on the prize, or will Mark prove too big a distraction for her to succeed?

To be quite honest, I missed the part where this was supposed to be a serial, so when I started reading the book I was disoriented for a bit. Saying it starts in medias res would be an understatement – Mark has already come back into her life and has certainly left…an impression. For a minute there I thought Mark was that male character that the heroine has an unsatisfactory hook up with just to show that the lead is a superior specimen of masculinity.

Thankfully, it’s easy to shake that misconception off once you get further into the story. It’s quite obvious that Mark is the alpha billionaire here, after he accosts Nicole in the restroom and…establishes dominance. It’s a hot scene, to be fair, if a little short. From there, Bourne’s plants the seeds of sex and suspense that’ll be sure to whet the appetite of any patron of alpha romances.

Unfortunately, whet is all the story does. It ends with a cliffhanger that is sure to frustrate, with not one thing resolved. It’s hardly a short story – more like a teaser to push you into buying the next part just to get your rocks off, metaphorically speaking. I certainly wanted to.

And in that sense, I guess His Whims is a resounding success. Serials, after all, are constructed in such a way to keep you waiting for the next instalment – it’s been that way since the time of Edgar Rice Burroughs and A Princess of Mars. And since this first part is a good enough read, getting the rest of it on your ebook reader might not be such a bad life decision to make.

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