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Book to movie review: “Red Riding Hood”

Meann came through for me once again and got me tickets to the premiere of “Red Riding Hood” last night.

As everybody knows, I’ve been ready to watch this movie since I finished reading the novelization written by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright (review here). After all, the book promised a lot — from metaphorical mallet blow jobs to sweaty shirtlessness — and since the book is based on the script, I was ready to view the book’s innuendo-laden scenarios projected onto the silver screen.

And…well, something else happened.

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Book to movie review: “I Am Number Four”

Thanks to the lovely Meann, I was able to catch an advanced screening of “I Am Number Four”, the first leading role for Alex Pettyfer’s abs. As the readers of this blog know, I wasn’t exactly a fan of the book. Will the movie be any better?

To its credit, the movie did whittle down a lot of the stupidity that went on in James Frey and Jobie Hughes’ “I Am Number Four”. Gone, for instance, is the drawn out rivalry between Mark and Number Four that inexplicably took up several chapters in the book.

The movie also does a better job of illustrating Number Four’s desire to be a part of a family by putting the dinner scene with Sarah’s family early on in the movie. The book had it near the tail end of the story, which really did nothing for character development and was really just awkward all around.

Number Four’s powers are much better in the movie than in the book, where it felt like he was one of the few mutants that Professor X had to turn away from the Institute. Number Six was also much better portrayed here in the film than in the book, which I credit to Marti Noxon’s involvment.

The movie is also less awkward about the romance between Number Four and Sarah, and I did like the fact that Number Four was a little aggressive. Although that may just be me and my imaginary ovaries talking.

But the most important thing that the movie got right is the constant exposure that Alex Pettyfer’s abs got throughout the movie. He’s already shirtless the first time we see him on screen, and the director/producer/writer/whoever seemed to shoehorn in any available opportunity for Alex Pettyfer to shed off that shirt. School prank? TAKE OFF THAT SHIRT! Going to bed? TAKE OFF THAT SHIRT!  Movie’s getting kinda boring? TAKE OFF THAT SHIRT!

Is the movie worth one’s time and money? Sure, if you’re a tween who wants to see what a bad boy looks like shirtless. If you’re someone over 12 and has seen “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, and “Battlestar Galactica”? A definite pass. The movie may be less stupid, but it isn’t any less bland.

Here, have some shirtless Alex Pettyfer.

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