Lost (Girls), now found


Yes, I know it’s already been out in the States since 2009, but this is the year that “Lost Girls” actually becomes available in Philippine bookstores. Actually, used to be available would be a better description as the three big bookstores the country has all seem to have sold out or have what copies they have already reserved.

If it weren’t for my stubbornness and persistence — as well as some helpful pointing in the right direction by RL friend Meann — I would not have been able to get my hands on this heavy and controversial work.

Actually getting the book involved about an hour and a half walking around three (interconnected) malls and some snickering from the sales staff when I asked them if they had a copy of it.

It really is quite thick!

First impressions:

– A lot of thought and care really went into the design of this particular edition, so kudos to Top Shelf Productions for coming out with something really beautiful.

– From what I’ve seen so far, I love how delicate the artwork is. The panels are beautiful, and the art deco influence is something I don’t see very often in comics. The illustrations are also hand-painted, from what I’ve learned, and it really gives the whole work a dreamlike quality.

"Older Children"
"We are but older children, dear, who fret to find our bedtime near." -Lewis Carroll

I will be reading this for today and will regularly update throughout the day as I progress. Keep your eyes posted on this page!

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2 thoughts on “Lost (Girls), now found”

  1. this books is awesome haha, beautiful illustrations and great story, after I read the book, i just cant look at these characters the same way agaiin XDDD haha

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