My MIBF loot report#2

Things didn’t let up even during the last two days of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). Over the weekend, it seemed like I was still scurrying to and fro either attending talks or interviewing authors. If not that, I was scurrying off the the other end of the metropolis for an entirely different work obligation.

As such, I didn’t really get to check out as much of the other booths at the MIBF. I mostly just hovered at the National Book Store booth as they had some of the most noteworthy events — interviews with Alexander Yates, Samantha Sotto, and Rachel Ward! — and as a result got most of the books I bought there.

I got myself a copy of David Foster Wallace’s “Consider the Lobster” at the closing hours of the MIBF last Sunday. I’ve long wanted to get myself a copy of one of his books, but I always only seem to find “Infinite Jest” — and I don’t think I can commit to something that big just yet without sampling a smaller work first. If I end up liking this, I just may work myself up through his much more voluminous works.

Although honestly, I feel like what’s going to happen here is that it’s going to stay on my “to-read” pile for about a year before I even get around to even cracking it open. Let’s hope the genial lobster on the cover convinces me to do it much sooner.

My first exposure to Alexandre Dumas was in high school, when we were assigned to read “The Count of Monte Cristo” over the summer. It was such a thick book that I initially recoiled at the prospect of reading it, but ended up changing my tune when I actually got down to reading it. Who doesn’t like a great tale of prison escapes, swordfights, and revenge, after all?

Oddly enough, I never really got around to reading his other great work, even if I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Count of Monte Cristo”. What better time to start remedying that than right now, right? Also, the cover has Logan Lerman clad in leather and Orlando Bloom with a crazy moustache. HOW CAN I RESIST THAT?!?

I didn’t really know what the mechanics were, but I suspect I was given this sampler of Penguin published works because I bought that copy of “The Three Musketeers”.

I got these three books mainly because of the cover. I loved them when they first came out, and since they were 20 percent off, I thought “Why the hell not?”

I literally just pulled this out of a pile of Penguin Popular Classics.

I’m supposed to be leaving for Hong Kong this Wednesday, so I’ll try to squeeze in a couple of book reviews and a recap before I leave!

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