Out of house and home

I live in an apartment that’s about a few feet bigger than the office of the lifestyle section of the paper that I work for.

Anybody who’s seen the office of our lifestyle section will probably think: “Well, that’s not a bad amount of space for a young urban professional out to conquer the world!” If I were the only one living in the apartment I’d be inclined to agree with you.

The problem is I share that space with other people. While it’s no big deal when the rest of the clan is out working (My workday starts in the afternoon), it gets a little tricky when we have to sleep. If I’m the first to arrive home, I get to sleep in the bed and my brothers can squeeze in if they can. If I’m the one that arrives late, I sleep on the floor because I have not been trained to be a contortionist.

Normal people would try their best to not complicate their situation and keep their shared living space as roomy as they can make it. I chose to cope by filling up every available space in our apartment with piles and piles of books.

Let’s start with the cabinets where I first started storing my books.

Above the cabinets where we store our clothes, there’s a little bit of ledge space that I found out were big enough to accommodate a normal-sized trade paperback. This is where I first started storing the books that I was able to take with me from our old apartment in Pasay City.

Turns out that those ledges can take in books three layers deep. So there are two more rows of books behind those.
An entirely different ledge in an entirely different cabinet.
The final ledge. Which is also the name of my band.
This is a separate cabinet. The whole thing used to be full of books but my father like rearranging things.
Some of them ended up here, two layers deep.
Even more ended up here, two layers deep.
Some ended up beside the bedroom door.

Some ended up in bags.
A lot of them ended up in these drawers. Seven books top to bottom, two layers deep
Second drawer.
Even more ended up on what used to be my bed.
This is why I sleep on the floor.
Final picture. Just to give you guys an idea how many books are in those plastic containers.
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9 thoughts on “Out of house and home”

    1. What I was able to read of The Jupiter Effect I found really good. I wasn’t able to finish it though because of work. Pero I am so looking forward to going back to it and finishing it!

  1. I spy VF books, lol.
    I officially join Blooey in wanting to raid your house. Kung nasa powers ko lang na bigyan kita ng bahay at lupa (haha) para lang sa’yo at sa mga libro mo bibigyan kita 😉 Panalo ang koleksyon mo.
    … you must have at least 500 there 0_o

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