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Author interview: Becca Fitzpatrick


(Regular reader numbering in the Ones, if you haven’t noticed it yet, my blog went through a snafu that resulted in all the posts from October 2013 onwards to vanish into the ether. So I’m just uploading all of these transcripts without any garnishing because I barely remember what I wrote back then.)

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Book review: Becca Fitzpatrick’s “Crescendo”

“Crescendo is an enthralling sequel, with revelations that hit you like a gale force wind.”

“The way Fitzpatrick has written from Nora’s perspective draws you in as the reader, so that you are along for the ride with 100% emotional investment.”

“I would say it is a sure read one that will have you screaming at the ending!!”

I like to think that these bitches are throwing some serious sarcastic shade, because the only other option is horrifying: People actually think Becca Fitzpatrick’s “Crescendo” is a good book, and that I am actually living in Bizarro World.

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