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My post-MIBF report#2

Admittedly, I didn’t spend as much time at the MIBF the way I would have wanted to. Since I was mostly either attending a talk, covering a book launch, or interviewing an author, I often only popped up at the exhibition floor to quickly check if there was anything I wanted to buy before zooming off to another appointment.

Nevertheless, I’ve yet to not enjoy this yearly pilgrimage to the SMX Center. If it’s not the great books that often only make an appearance during the MIBF, there’s the fact that I also get to meet so many people who are as into books as I am. I am with my people.

Also, this year I got my little sister to tag along, and I even bumped into my brother, and we all made a family excursion out of the whole thing. It was a little awesome, especially when I basically bullied my little brother’s girlfriend to buy a book by an author who was also signing at the time. I am a class act.

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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

It’s the Chinese New Year this Monday, and if you guys are lucky, you can find a bag like this one at your nearby National Book Store.

It’s National Book Store’s Ang Pao Bag, available at selected National Book Store outlets. For P500, you get around a P1000 worth of assorted products inside! It’s only available on the Chinese New Year, so keep a sharp eye out for this at your local branch!

Pictures of the contents under the cut!

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Book Blockade defeated!


Or at least, that’s what MLQ III says in his latest Tumblr post.

In any case, I would suggest that all my friends who buy books online or get them from Book Mooch to print out a copy of that Department of Finance order and shove it up the nose of whichever ornery Customs agent is keeping your books in cold storage.

And if the resolution of that order isn’t helpful, the text of the order is posted over at the government’s Official Gazette. I’ve also taken the liberty of making a copy-pasta of it on this blog. Under the cut!

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Baby, you light my Fire


I've been doing some Christmas shopping, y'all!

Sorry about the scarcity of posts lately, my readers numbering in the single digits. Not only has my work life been a wee bit hectic, but the holidays have, quite frankly, only inspired me to be incredibly lazy. And also a little self-indulgent.

Which is why I got myself a little something something as a Christmas gift. Because I am forever alone.

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Parting Shot#2: iWant

That's a big smudge right there...

iWent to the “Trese 4” book launch yesterday, and aside from meeting friends old and new, iAlso got a chance to look at this pretty baby up close. Hand drawn by “Trese” artist Kajo Baldisimo, it’s the prize up for grabs for those who grab a copy of the latest installment of “Trese”. iAm thinking of another i(Word) gag to insert here but iAm coming up short.

Parting Shot#1: As Seen In…

Look, I'm in National Book Store!

Back when I still updated my Livejournal, I used to have a regular feature that I called Picspam Thursdays, where I just basically dumped photos on my unsuspecting readers.

Obviously, I’m now taking that here, but limiting it to just one photo per week. And for this debut offering, let me be a little vain douchebag and allow me this little spot of self-promotion. National Book Store is using an article I wrote in their stores! This one I took at the National Book Store in SM San Lazaro, and a while ago I saw another one at the National Book Store at SM Mall of Asia.

What’s up at the Manila International Book Fair

You can’t call yourself a Filipino bibliophile if you haven’t at least a passing knowledge of the Manila International Book Fair. Going on for 32 years now, it has become the highlight of every Filipino book lover’s calendar, and it looks like this year’s edition isn’t going to be any different.

Aside from a number of foreign and local authors dropping by and talking to Filipino readers — National Bookstore has already announced a forum featuring authors Alexander Yates, Andy Mulligan, and Samantha Sotto — there are also a lot of other events held simultaneously for those that may want a little time away from the books on sale at the SMX Convention Center.

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Readercon Filipino Friday: Week 4

Of course, it’s on the last week of this particular meme that I actually put up a post on time.

As everyone probably knows by now, this Filipino Friday meme is brought to us by the guys behind the first Filipino Readers Conference. This week’s question is:

“Do you read Filipino literature? If you do, tell us your favorite books by Filipino authors and name a few that you’d like to recommend to fellow readers. If you don’t read much Filipino lit, then tell us why.”

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Readercon Filipino Friday: Week 3

Yes, I know, it’s almost a week late, but the past several days have been really hectic, I swear!

Anyway, it’s week 3 of the Filipino Friday meme hosted by the organizers of the first Filipino Readers Conference! The question for this week is:

“How hard or easy is it to be a book lover in the Philippines? What are some of your frustrations as a Filipino reader (e.g. availability of books)? What are positive aspects of being a reader based in the Philippines (e.g. book prices are lower here than they are abroad)?”

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