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Out of house and home

I live in an apartment that’s about a few feet bigger than the office of the lifestyle section of the paper that I work for.

Anybody who’s seen the office of our lifestyle section will probably think: “Well, that’s not a bad amount of space for a young urban professional out to conquer the world!” If I were the only one living in the apartment I’d be inclined to agree with you.

The problem is I share that space with other people. While it’s no big deal when the rest of the clan is out working (My workday starts in the afternoon), it gets a little tricky when we have to sleep. If I’m the first to arrive home, I get to sleep in the bed and my brothers can squeeze in if they can. If I’m the one that arrives late, I sleep on the floor because I have not been trained to be a contortionist.

Normal people would try their best to not complicate their situation and keep their shared living space as roomy as they can make it. I chose to cope by filling up every available space in our apartment with piles and piles of books.

Picture heavy post inside

The book thief

No, this isn’t a post about the critically-acclaimed Markus Zusak book. More like an attempt to piggyback on that book’s popularity as I start this book blog. What this post is about is a book thief living in far less turbulent times and learning far less valuable lessons.

I started reading books at a very young age, mostly because my parents left me with relatives during the summer months and I had to make a choice between listening to “Matud Nila” or reading my cousin’s extensive collection of Sweet Valley High books.

Looking back,