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Book review: Jamie McGuire’s “Beautiful Disaster


This is model Rob Devita.

Those who know me in real life know that I have a particular weakness for “bad” boys with tattoos. If you tell me that a halfway nice looking guy has tattoos, they become immensely more attractive to me.

As such, Travis Maddox from “Beautiful Disaster” should be a guy that’s right up my alley. A tattooed, lean-muscled underground fighter with an aptitude for academics? It’s like Jamie McGuire read my high school diary or something.

But online opinion on “Beautiful Disaster” is divided, to say the least. There’s a fierce, pro-Travis Maddox club that think he’s just the bee’s knees, while there are those who think he’s disturbing and probably abusive.

The schism interested me enough that I picked up a copy of “Beautiful Disaster” just to see which camp I would find myself in.

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