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Book to movie review: “The Woman In Black”

If you guys have read my review of “The Woman In Black” you’ll know that I don’t scare easily when it comes to books, mostly because of a lack of imagination on my part. But that lack of imagination on my part is exactly what makes it so easy for me to be scared at the movies.

That bump…bump…bump that I just couldn’t form in my mind? Horrifyingly alive inside the cinema, and in Dolby Digital Sound too! That creepy shadow that I barely visualized in my head while I was reading? Creeping up on me on a huge ass screen!

Suffice it to say that the movie version of “The Woman In Black” scared the beejesus out of me. Of the P180 I shelled out to watch this movie, I probably only got to see about P100 worth of it. The rest of the ticket price I spent cowering behind either my bag or my hands.

But does the movie remain faithful to the book on which it’s based? Or has it deviated so far from the source material that it might as well have been called “Harry Potter and The Woman in Black”?

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Book review: Susan Hill’s “The Woman In Black”

I don’t know why, but books have never been able to properly scare me.

I’ll scream my head off and cover my face at a scary movie, and I will probably be doing the same if you get me inside one of those haunted houses that they have in amusement parks.

But books have never been able to elicit that reaction from me. I’ve been moved to tears, I’ve laughed my ass off, maybe even creeped out a little, but I’ve never been scared.

Because of that, I started reading “The Woman In Black” without really expecting anything. If it didn’t scare my socks off? It’s cool. And if it did? It would be a first.

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Your week in books#17

  • Here’s the trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s newest movie, “The Woman In Black”. The movie is based on Susan Hill’s 1983 novel of the same name. This isn’t the first time that the novel has been adapted to another medium; there’s a 1987 theayer version by Nigel Kneale that is still being staged today.
  • Has anyone of my readers gotten their Pottermore email yet? Because my owl seems to have disappeared somewhere in the vastness of the internet. I am jealous of all the people who’ve already experienced what it’s like inside. Tidbits from The Guardian and Snitchseeker just ain’t cutting it anymore. (Source 1, Source 2)
  • And since we’re talking about the Snitchseeker anyway, I hope you guys know that they’re giving away a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. They don’t usually ship the letter outside of the States, and the contest rules are ridiculously easy, so go ahead and test your luck! (Source)
  • The Register is reporting that the ebook versions of the “Harry Potter” series will be bundled with Sony’ newest e-readers. (Source)
  • Yet another Potter-related item: a print-on-demand group called PublishAmerica is threatening to sue J. K. Rowling for defamation, because she put out a press release denying that she had any relationship with group. Why’d she have to do that in the first place? Because PublishAmerica sent out a letter to its clients claiming that they could have J. K. Rowling comment on their books for a fee of $49. The whole story is over at the Writer Beware blog. (Source)
  • Today in book banning news: A Virginia school board has removed “A Study in Scarlet” from a sixth-grade reading list because a parent complained it was anti-Mormon. Not to worry — those kids can always download it from Project Gutenberg anyway. (Source 1, Source 2)
  • Finally, National Book Store is bringing Nicholas Sparks to the country this October! Sparks will be in the country for a book signing tour, but so far that is the only detail that National Book Store has ironed out. I haven’t read a Nicholas Sparks novel ever (I know), but I will admit to crying while watching “A Walk to Remember”. I may have even perused some fanfic. (Source)