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Book to movie review: “John Carter”

There’s no better way to get my butt planted on a theater seat than the promise of a half-naked man. And there’s also no better way to make me gloss over any faults your movie may have by having that man half-naked for almost two hours.

So yes, John Carter could have used a little more trimming and a little more exposition. But did I come out of the moviehouse entertained? Of course I did! Who wouldn’t be entertained watching Taylor Kitsch jump stratospheric heights while wearing a skirt. That’s cinematic gold right there.

But this review isn’t just about the movie. Running a little over two hours, did “John Carter” manage to retain most of Edgar Rice Burrough’s “A Princess of Mars”? Or is it going to be a painful two hours for Barsoom purists?

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Book review: Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “A Princess of Mars”

I have to admit that I knew nothing about Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Barsoom” books until I saw the first trailer for Disney’s “John Carter”.

Since I am an incredibly shallow person who bases my book purchasing decisions on the abs of the guy on the cover, I immediately sought out a copy of “A Princess of Mars” purely on the strength of a shirtless Taylor Kitsch.

Of course, that buying strategy hasn’t always worked out for me in the past. There’s the sad state of the “Fallen” books by Thomas Sniegoski that I bought a couple of years ago — they are still tragically unread.

It was a good thing this one had a movie coming out, so I had a lot of motivation to finish it. But will this be another book whose purchase I will rue? Or will Taylor Kitsch’s abs prove to be an accurate indicator of literary quality?

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Your week in books #12

It’s been a busy week for me since the “Deathly Hallows” premiere, with interviews left and right as well as a few hectic days at the office as well. Nothing to complain about, but it hasn’t really been making it easy for me to take off a few books from my “to-read” pile. Hopefully, I can blog about a couple of books by next week.

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s selection of book news!

  • With “Harry Potter” over for the time being — there’s still Pottermore, after all — people are looking to J.K. Rowling and what she has in store for the rest of the world. Rowling isn’t say much, though, other than that she is “working hard” on it. Here’s to hoping that she doesn’t end up like A.A. Milne. (Source)
  • There’s an interesting post over at Jezebel about the women in the Harry Potter universe, how empowered most of them are, and a little bit of speculation about what it could mean for future YA franchises in books and movies. There’s also a lot of healthy and interesting discussion in the comments section, so be sure to check it out! (Source)
  • To be quite honest, I have no idea what exactly Digital Adaptations is all about, and the interview with its executive producer over at Kotaku hasn’t exactly made things clearer for me either. From what I can understand, they’re adapting books to look a little like Microsoft Encarta’s Mindmaze and a little like those Flash games where you look for stuff hidden in backgrounds. I don’t know if that’s going to be terribly exciting, but I’m willing to see what they come up with. (Source)
  • Oxford University shelled out $1.6 million for 68-pages of an unfinished Jane Austen manuscript. It was supposed to be 80 pages, but the first 12 pages are already owned by the Morgan Library and Museum in New York. (Source, Source)
  • My birthday is in a few months, so would anybody be interested in gifting me with the pretty little book you can see on the right? It sounds like a lot of fun. I quote:

“The Elements of Style was first published in 1918. Think about that for a moment. In 1918, gay meant happy, opium derivatives were prescribed for headaches, and top hats and monocles were un-ironic fashion choices.”

  • Finally, trailers for upcoming book to movie adaptations. The first one is Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo“, an adaptation of Brian Selznick’s Caldecott-winning novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret“. Young stars Asa Butterfield and Chloe Moretz will be acting alongside Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lee, and Helen McCrory.


I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know how faithful it is. Looks interesting!

  • This second one is for “John Carter“, an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs “A Princess of Mars“. It stars Taylor Kitsch, which is all the reason I need, frankly. But to find out that the script is by Michael Chabon? Michael “The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” Chabon? I WILL BE FIRST IN LINE.


Will I pay P300 to see Taylor Kitsch in various states of undress? You bet.