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Ronreads interview: Lauren Kate

The sizeable crowd at the Lauren Kate event at Glorietta 5

Now that my article on Lauren Kate has come out, I’m free to talk about how this particular interview went, especially when compared to the festival of awkward that was last year’s interview.

For one thing, Lauren was in incredibly high spirits when she sat down for this interview. Not that she wasn’t last year — she was incredibly gracious and fun — but this year it seemed she was even more gracious and fun. It was great because it immediately put me at ease; for some reason I am not rattled when interviewing politicians, but authors always make me feel like I’m on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Not that I wasn’t awkward. Throughout the interview, I kept on banging my chair against a window, and spent about several minutes trying desperately to open a shrink-wrapped copy of “Passion” for Lauren to sign. I think at one point my flailing resulted in a pencil flying off the desk to her bemusement. Hopefully.

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Lauren Kate returns!

Late in 2010, I had the chance to talk to Lauren Kate, the bestselling author of the young adult books “Fallen” and “Torment”. It went well, for the most part — I got to ask all the questions I wanted to ask.

I did hit upon a snag when the post-interview conversation with her and the other journalists veered toward the topic of other young adult authors. Being the tactless and hate-filled person that I am, I just had to bring up my intense and burning dislike for Becca Fitzpatrick. And wouldn’t you know it, the two of them are friends!

My face after the revelation

How do you recover from that? I just gritted my teeth and soldiered on as if I didn’t just make a damn fool of myself. It was best I forgot about the whole sad scene, because it’s not like she’s coming back here, right?

Of course, fate has struck me down once again as Lauren Kate is set to return here to the country this July, thanks to National Bookstore. And it’s not just the Manila readers who get to meet her this time around as she will also be making a stopover at Cebu.

I’m pretty sure all three of you blog readers already have your copies and invites to the “Passion” tour, but in case you still don’t, head on over to your nearest NBS and get yourself a copy of the book!

I, on the other hand, will be praying fervently that my new haircut confuses her enough to mistake me for an entirely different journalist just sharing the same name.

(Photo from the National Bookstore Facebook page)

Book review: Lauren Kate’s “Passion”

I only started reading Lauren Kate’s “Fallen” series when I had to interview her for the paper that I work for. While the cover art was certainly intriguing, I didn’t feel any pressing need to get copies of the books until that particular assignment.

After finishing the books — about two days after my interview, I think — my opinion was mixed. “Fallen” didn’t exactly sweep me off my feet as it’s yet another young adult (YA) supernatural romance in the same vein as “Twilight”: Hundreds of pages spent on the girl worrying if the boy really loves her or not before A WILD PLOT APPEARS! If I wasn’t intrigued with her angel mythology, I would have passed on her second offering, “Torment”.

“Torment” was much more enjoyable, even if it still had what appears to be the de rigeur dilemma for YA supernatural romances these days: BUT DOES HE REALLY LOVE ME?!? Getting into angel mythology was a welcome break for me from all the romance, and the cliffhanger at the end actually had me looking forward to “Passion”, the third installment in the series.

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