Your week in books#19

  • Here’s something that may interest Haruki Murakami fans: Knopf Doubleday just put up the book trailer for “1Q84”, Murakami’s latest book.
  • While I don’t think I’ll be getting an ebook reader anytime soon, I have been known to patronize the format every now and then, mostly if they’re in the public domain and available on Project Gutenberg. Which is why it’s quite sad to hear about the death of its founder, Michael Hart. (Source)
  • We all know that reading is good for you and that it helps you understand other points of view and empathize with people. But did we really need to have a group of scientists tell us about it? Researchers at the University of Buffalo say that “reading fiction improves empathy”. In other news, the sky is blue. (Source)
  • Finally, The Guardian has a great essay about the current rise in popularity of the Bronte sisters. I, for one, think it is because the new Jane Eyre adapatation has Michael Fassbender in it. And if by some weird reason you don’t know who Michael Fassbender is, check him out under the cut. (Source)

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Book review: George R. R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones”

“Winter is Coming” by Joel Watson from Hijinks Ensue

So here I am, about a decade and a half late with George R. R. Martin’s epic “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Everyone and their mother’s second cousin twice removed has probably already read and written down their thoughts about these books, and I’m just yet another voice in the chorus.

Nevertheless, I hope you guys indulge me a bit as I give my two cents worth on a book you’ve all probably heard about over and over and over again the past year. I’ll try to be quick about it, I swear! And if for some reason you are even more behind than I am, I promise to have as few spoilers as can be managed.

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Readercon Filipino Friday: Week 4

Of course, it’s on the last week of this particular meme that I actually put up a post on time.

As everyone probably knows by now, this Filipino Friday meme is brought to us by the guys behind the first Filipino Readers Conference. This week’s question is:

“Do you read Filipino literature? If you do, tell us your favorite books by Filipino authors and name a few that you’d like to recommend to fellow readers. If you don’t read much Filipino lit, then tell us why.”

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Readercon Filipino Friday: Week 3

Yes, I know, it’s almost a week late, but the past several days have been really hectic, I swear!

Anyway, it’s week 3 of the Filipino Friday meme hosted by the organizers of the first Filipino Readers Conference! The question for this week is:

“How hard or easy is it to be a book lover in the Philippines? What are some of your frustrations as a Filipino reader (e.g. availability of books)? What are positive aspects of being a reader based in the Philippines (e.g. book prices are lower here than they are abroad)?”

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