Book review: Mighty Rasing’s “May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic”

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m generally not the inspirational/self-help book kind of guy. It’s not a knock on them at all – it’s more because I’ve got a black, tiny heart that doesn’t let any light shine through or escape.

There’s no question that a lot of people find them useful. One just needs to look at any bestseller list to see that there’s a healthy audience for these kinds of books; an aspiring inspirational author needs only to find that niche that he can cater to and serve.

Mighty Rasing is one such author, and he’s set his eyes on a key demographic – young people who’ve grown up on a steady diet of comic books and the movies that have been adapted from them. In his new book, May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic, Rasing utilises superheroes and their larger than life personalities to give some life advice to young people looking to make something out of their lives.

But will this approach be something that young people latch on to? Or will this thing just end up being an #epicfail?


At its best, May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic is a competently written book, able to carry its main conceit for the entirety of its 100 pages without being too gimmicky or forcing connections to superheroes that aren’t really there. In fact, some of the examples are a little too on the nose – the chapter on avoiding temptations and weaknesses is, as expected, titled “Iwasan ang Kryptonite.”

Rasing’s shallow knowledge of comic book lore – a lot of it seems to be gleaned from the various movie adaptations that have been made over the past couple of decades – is also an unexpected plus, as it is the lore that most people are more familiar with nowadays anyway. Coupled with his decision to write the book in Taglish (a mixture of Filipino and English), #SuperEpic should have no problem reaching out to as wide an audience as possible.

All that said, I couldn’t help but feel like the book was an incomplete experience. Rather than feel like a complete work unto itself, #SuperEpic feels like a companion piece to something bigger. I can easily picture Rasing conducting a talk and people using this book to follow along.

Another thing I would have wanted was for Rasing to delve even deeper into the superhero lore and maybe win over more hardcore comic book fans in the process. As it is now, it’ll only possibly win over casual fans of the medium, or those already predisposed to reading inspirational/self-help books in the first place.

Even if it doesn’t exactly soar, #SuperEpic at least accomplishes what it sets out to do – make use of superheroes to inspire young people to make something out of their lives. If you’re itching for an inspirational/self-help book with a pop culture twist, #SuperEpic could possibly fill that need.

(If you want to find out more about “May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic, you can check out the website here.)

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