Your week in books#41


I know, I know, it’s been two months since I last updated. In my defence, work has been…work, and I have spent whatever free time I have sleeping or curled up in a fetal position watching James Reid and Nadine Lustre videos.

BUT I’M HERE NOW. Let’s take a look back at the week in book news!

Image from the Associated Press
Image from the Associated Press
  • The big news, of course, is the passing of celebrated author Harper Lee.  The New York Times has a great obituary, while The Guardian documents the tributes held in her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama. (The New York Times, The Guardian)
  • Additionally, The Guardian also asks the question of whether Go Set A Watchman spoiled Harper Lee’s legacy. (The Guardian)
  • Galleycat has also collated responses from the the publishing industry on Harper Lee’s passing. (Galleycat)
  • The Name of the Rose author Umberto Eco also passed away. The New York Times has an obituary, while The Guardian has an essay from Stephen Moss recalling when he met him in 2011. (The New York Times, The Guardian)
  • I know school shootings are — depressingly — commonplace in the United States nowadays, but back in my youth the only example that resonated all over the world was the Columbine shootings of 2009. Sue Klebold, mother of one of the shooters, Dylan Klebold, has written about the event and The New York Times has a review. (The New York Times)


  • In case you guys missed it, New York Times Bestselling author Victoria Aveyard is heading to the country next month! You can find out details over at National Book Store’s Facebook page. (National Book Store)
  • And she’s heading here with some very good news! Galleycat reports that Aveyard, along with Jhumpa Lahiri, debuted in the Top 10 of Indiebound’s Bestseller List! (Galleycat, Indiebound)
  • I’m a known Tolkien fan, and it’s exciting to hear that two poems of his have been found in a school publication. (The New York Times)
  • I’ve only read one Henry James novel — The Turn of the Screw — but Colm Toibin’s article on James’ sexuality in The Guardian makes me want to look through my shelves and start reading some of his other work. (The Guardian)
  • They may have found the bones of the woman that inspired Tess of the d’Urbervilles(The Guardian)
  • Finally, Galleycat brings us news of a partnership between book publisher Scholastic and game publisher Ubisoft to put out Assassin’s Creed YA novels. I’m interested in this because Michael Fassbender’s making a movie. (Galleycat)
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