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Parting Shot#2: iWant

That's a big smudge right there...

iWent to the “Trese 4” book launch yesterday, and aside from meeting friends old and new, iAlso got a chance to look at this pretty baby up close. Hand drawn by “Trese” artist Kajo Baldisimo, it’s the prize up for grabs for those who grab a copy of the latest installment of “Trese”. iAm thinking of another i(Word) gag to insert here but iAm coming up short.

Parting Shot#1: As Seen In…

Look, I'm in National Book Store!

Back when I still updated my Livejournal, I used to have a regular feature that I called Picspam Thursdays, where I just basically dumped photos on my unsuspecting readers.

Obviously, I’m now taking that here, but limiting it to just one photo per week. And for this debut offering, let me be a little vain douchebag and allow me this little spot of self-promotion. National Book Store is using an article I wrote in their stores! This one I took at the National Book Store in SM San Lazaro, and a while ago I saw another one at the National Book Store at SM Mall of Asia.