A (shirtless) addendum

While I found out yesterday that “I Am Number Four” isn’t exactly something to crow about, it really hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm about watching the upcoming movie adaptation (in the comfort of my own home and probably not in the cinemas).

Now why would I still be interested in the movie when the source material isn’t up to par? It’s not like DJ Caruso has been known to come up with cinematic masterpieces. Am I expecting the screenwriters — one of whom wrote for Joss Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” — to do some magic and come up with a much more engaging movie? Not really.

No, the real reason is so much shallower than all of you think. I am anticipating this movie because of Alex Pettyfer — and the possibility of shirtless scenes.

If there was one thing that made reading “I Am Number Four” bearable was the fact that I was imagining the many gratuitous opportunities for Alex Pettyfer to shuck off his shirt — and the book does provide a lot of instances.


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