Baby, you light my Fire


I've been doing some Christmas shopping, y'all!

Sorry about the scarcity of posts lately, my readers numbering in the single digits. Not only has my work life been a wee bit hectic, but the holidays have, quite frankly, only inspired me to be incredibly lazy. And also a little self-indulgent.

Which is why I got myself a little something something as a Christmas gift. Because I am forever alone.

Yes, I am now one of the masses who are making the transition from actual, real books, to e-books, and purchasing this sparkly Kindle Fire is the first step. It cost me a pretty penny, but so far I am liking it!

The browser is indeed as quick as they advertise, and if it weren’t for my horrible internet connection — I’m looking at you FAILDT — I would probably be fiddling with it right now.

This is what it looks like once you open it. I particularly love the Pulse app, as it is a great aggregator of several sites and their top stories. Of course, browsing around Amazon is incredibly easy, seeing as the Kindle is their product after all.

I don’t have a lot of books in it right now — just the “Barsoom” books by Edgar Rice Burroughs and 14 issues of “The Walking Dead”. Can anybody recommend where I can get ebooks?

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16 thoughts on “Baby, you light my Fire”

    1. I got it from someone who was selling it online. If you just want to use it purely for reading, I was recommended the Kindle e-Ink. I chose the Fire because I want to read comics on this baby.

      1. Does the online seller have other Kindle models too? I looked the models up online and parang gusto ko na lang yung Kindle Touch so I can download na lang all those mahalia poetry/criticism books for school.

  1. I have tried reading e-books at the office PC but not yet on Kindle and I think I still need to get used to it. I have Paolo Coelho’s E-books and I think Twilight: Breaking Dawn which my officemate gave me, plus the Percy Jackson series. I could give you copies if you like πŸ™‚ Enjoy your new baby and happy holidays!

  2. Saw your post about your blog on TFG’s shoutout! Welcome newbie and I have my Nook for almost 6 months but not worth my money (God! I can’t even buy ebooks from them!). It was one of the most disappointing buys this year and wish to try Fire, and from looking through those pictures; I, Kwesi, is now ready to convert his love for Barnes to Noble (suckest online seller ever!) to Amazon. Vow.

    1. I can give the number of the person I bought this from! πŸ™‚

      I do have to say that you won’t be able to access the Amazon App Store from the Kindle Fire. As far as I know you can buy ebooks from Amazon, but I haven’t tried it yet because they’re too expensive!

      1. Same with Barnes and Noble, app’s are not allowed outside US and Canada. So how can I love those products when I can’t even use the full glory of its existence! Kidding. Another problem with Barnes and Noble is that, free books are only open to US and Canada but I downloaded few in the past. Because of that, I’m into piracy. Dare me not, Barnes and Noble! Have you tried Nook Touch? Anyway, nice gift for Christmas!

        1. I haven’t tried out the Nook Touch. Maybe Blooey has?

          As for the free books, have you tried out Project Gutenberg? Most of the books there are already in the public domain, so you can get them for free and legally as well! Medyo matatanda nga lang yung mga libro. XD

          1. I saw Bloo’s blog post about her new Nook Touch and I might ask her next time we meet again. Talking about Gutenberg, I tried that site once when I tried to read one of Sherlock Holmes’ adventures but the big problem is the book cover and I don’t usually read e-books that time. I’ll try to visit Gutenberg site again, it’s getting cold here.

  3. Look for KINDELIRIUM in FB and ask kris to add you to the Susagsync account. She’s giving away free e-books.
    And not just from Project Guttenberg. She has New York times Best sellers, updated weekly, Stephen King, Steig Larsson, Steven Berry… It’s a dream. You can get almost any book you want. If it’s not there just request for it and she’ll try to get it for you. Oh and did I mention I’s free? πŸ™‚

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