Sale at the National Book Store!

If you guys are anything like me — which I hope you’re not, because I am weird — then you’re probably feeling a little faint because National Book Store just started their almost month-long (It goes on until August 21!) cut-price sale on selected books.

I haven’t gotten around to a National Book Store yet — my work week has been crazy — but I’m going to be scouring the shelves and hopefully stumble upon some prize finds. Or maybe get myself a cartful of Tagalog romance novels.

What about you guys? Any particular book you’re hoping to find discounted all the way to 75 percent?

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4 thoughts on “Sale at the National Book Store!”

  1. I was able to buy the following from National Bookstore:

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – P150 (or was it P100… I forgot)
    House of Many Ways – P100
    The Lost Boy – P30
    Twilight Zone P100
    Morbito II – P100


    1. Wow! Those are great finds, especially the Potter one!

      Which particular National Book Store was this? I’ve only been to the one at SM Manila and to say that the selection is substandard would be an understatement. 🙁

  2. Robinson’s Place, Cainta. Come to think of it, most of my good steals were from that Branch.

    Aw… that’s what I hate about book sales sometimes. I’d get all excited at seeing the book sale and start going through the pile one by one only to end up walking away because there wasn’t really anything there. Really disappointing. My only comfort is the thought that I still have a few books at home waiting to be read. 🙂

    1. Cainta’s so far from where I am! Ahahahahahaha

      I think the same thing. I still ahve such a HUGE backlog of books waiting to be read that I just think of them when I come out empty-handed from a book sale. XD

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