My MIBF loot report

We’re past the halfway point of the biggest event of the year for Filipino bibliophiles, and I’m quite proud to say that I haven’t spent myself into the poorhouse just yet. And let me tell you, it’s not because there wasn’t anything worth buying. There was a lot of books I wanted to get my grubby little hands on, but my job — thankfully — got in the way.

For instance, most of my first day at the 32nd Manila International Book Fair was spent in the meeting rooms located on the third floor, listening to the talks during the first Filipino Reader’s Conference. I also got to hover uncertainly around the guys from Flips Flipping Pages and tried not to get too much in Blooey‘s way while I tried to work from the SMX Convention Center.

My second day pretty much looked the same as the first, except the talks I were going to this time around were organized by the University of the Philippines and mostly centered around language, literature, and teaching English in the Philippines.

I didn’t even get to go to the MIBF yesterday, as I had to interview author Alexander Yates early in the afternoon, and then some last minute work requirements forced me to ditch any plans of going to the Mall of Asia and blowing some cash.

The fact that I also had to go back to the office during those first two days also helped out a lot in keeping me above the poverty line as I had no occasion to loiter around and find a book that may just strike my fancy. That doesn’t mean, however, that I didn’t amass myself some loot.

Most of my real life friends and regular readers know that I am nuts Scott Westrfeld’s “Leviathan” novels. I’ve gushed about them here and here on my blog, and was actually waiting giddily for the October release of the final book in the series, “Goliath” — key word being October.

Imagine when I found this baby on the National Book Store shelves. I was just idling along, not really planning on buying anything, and then BAM! I’m squealing and hyperventilating like some teenage girl in front of Justin Bieber and clutching the book to my chest like somebody was going to steal it from me. SO. HAPPY.

Another thing that got me all hot and bothered? Tyra Banks’ “Modelland” (pronounced Model Land)* was also on the shelves. I didn’t even think that they would have it here — Tyra isn’t exactly a giant in the young adult genre — but was I glad to be proven wrong.

Once I get all my shit in order, I have big, big plans for this beauty. Make no mistake about it — I am going to make sure that all of you guys will know all there is to know about the adventures of Tookie de la Creme (!), Myrracle de la Creme (!!), Theopilius Lovelaces (!!!), and Zarpessa Zarionneaux (!!!!).

An ANTM rewatch may be in order.

I’ve been hearing a lot of great stuff about Veronica Roth’s “Divergent”, and since all of the books at the National Book Store booth are 20 percent off, I thought that it was as good a day as any to finally get my own copy.

I still have Cornelia Funke’s “Inkheart” trilogy sitting forlornly atop my study table, unopened and unread. I guess it was pretty “Reckless” (badum-tss!) of me to get another one of her books without finding out if I actually like her writing.

Honestly? I only bought it because of its connection to James McAvoy.

This one got bought because it’s a gay novel set in the Philippines and the front cover has a nicely tattooed man on it. Let it not be said that I possess intellectual depth.

These two got bought because they’re only a little over P70 and they’re classics.

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2 thoughts on “My MIBF loot report”

  1. I just finished Starter for 10 (I ordered my copy online because I wanted the one with the James McAvoy cover) and it’s so funny. I love it! My friend showed me that Manila Boy book but I didn’t get it because I didn’t like the typography (shallowness forever). I got a couple of those awesome P70 classics too, pero for school.

    1. Yay, now excited to read Starter for 10 more than ever!

      Pareho lang na shallow ang rason natin sa pagbili at hindi pagbili ng Manila Boy, ahahahahahah

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