My post-MIBF report#2

Admittedly, I didn’t spend as much time at the MIBF the way I would have wanted to. Since I was mostly either attending a talk, covering a book launch, or interviewing an author, I often only popped up at the exhibition floor to quickly check if there was anything I wanted to buy before zooming off to another appointment.

Nevertheless, I’ve yet to not enjoy this yearly pilgrimage to the SMX Center. If it’s not the great books that often only make an appearance during the MIBF, there’s the fact that I also get to meet so many people who are as into books as I am. I am with my people.

Also, this year I got my little sister to tag along, and I even bumped into my brother, and we all made a family excursion out of the whole thing. It was a little awesome, especially when I basically bullied my little brother’s girlfriend to buy a book by an author who was also signing at the time. I am a class act.

Alex Gilvarry’s book signing was later that week, so obviously his book was front and center.
The Lorax also made a special appearance later on in the week.
I also learned that Precious Pages is going to translate FIfty Shades of Grey to Filipino. I AM EXCITE.
Scholastic had bargain bins but I didn’t have time to dig through the whole freaking pile.
The last day is the best and the worst time to go to the MIBF.
Alex Gilvarry and Jennifer Hillier being interviewed at the National Book Store booth.
Obligatory picture with visiting author.
Obligatory picture with visiting author, part two.
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2 thoughts on “My post-MIBF report#2”

  1. Why no big smile next to alex gilvarry? *nudge nudge wink wink*

    and why was the last day the best day? I don’t usually like going to the last day, especially if it falls on a sunday. (and especially if it falls on a big sale weekend.) too much people.

    1. The last day is the best day because that’s probably the only day that your friends will all be free. XD It’s also the worst day because of the aforementioned crowds and all the books will have probably been picked up already.

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