Welcome 2013!

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Happy New Year everyone!

2012 was a great year for me. Thanks to National Book Store, I was able to interview authors like Lauren Oliver, Alyson Noel, Jennifer Hillier, Alex Gilvarry, Gregg Olsen, and Merwin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria.

From interviewing Samantha Sotto last year, this year I got to talk to Kate Evangelista, another Filipino who’s making her own path in the international publishing scene.

And on the book reading front, I’ve managed to finish my 2012 Goodreads Reading Challenge! I set a 50 book goal for myself at the beginning of the year, and I managed to finish 53!

So what do I plan to do this new year?

Since I performed better than expected for the 2012 challenge, I thought I could challenge myself a little bit this year and up the stakes a teeny weeny bit. So for 2013, I’m challenging myself with 55 books. So what books do I have lined up?


The most obvious dragon to slay in 2013 is Tyra Banks’ magnum opus, “Modelland”. I’ve been reading the damn thing since September of last year, and I’ve only gotten to the book’s halfway point. I DON’T WANT TO BE READING THIS THING UNTIL I’M OLD AND WRINKLY.

For any of you guys looking for previous installments of my chapter by chapter reviews of “Modelland”, you can check them out here.


Right now, what I’m reading is Jamie McGuire’s “Beautiful Disaster”. I picked it up because the reviews on it over at Goodreads are so divisive, so I might as well join the fray. I’m halfway through it right now, and I can definitely see where both sides are coming from. Hopefully I get to finish it before next week!

the-peculiarAnother book on my TBR pile is Stefan Bachmann’s “The Peculiar”. I got handed this book last year, and it’s only now that my calendar has sort of been cleared that I can finally settle down and read it. The now 19-year-old Stefan Bachmann wrote this book when he was 16, and while I haven’t had great experiences with teenage authors — I’m looking at you, Christopher Paolini — I’m hoping he’ll buck the trend.

carnival-of-soulsI literally know nothing about Melissa Marr, “Carnival of Souls”, or any of her previous work, so I am kind of looking forward to losing my Melissa Marr virginity. I am also hoping that this carnival book measures up to the last carnival book I read, which was Erin Morgenstern’s “The Night Circus“.

9781611132960_1681X2544.jpgOne book I’m excited to read this year is Daniel Handler’s “Why We Broke Up”. It was something I was supposed to check out last year, but the star’s never aligned and it just ended up being relegated to the TBR pile. But this year I’m going to make sure that I finally sit down and read it.


To be completely honest, the only reason this book was on my radar was because Zac Efron is on the cover, and the movie has a scene Nicole Kidman pisses on him. Also, this:

Zac-Efron-Underwear-The-PaperboyBut now that I’m halfway through it, it’s a really great, moody book that has a lot of incisive things to say about journalism. Really looking forward to watching the movie adaptation now, and now not just because Zac Efron is in his underwear a lot in it.

January 365The people over at Scholastic were nice enough to send me this book, and I am really looking forward to reading it. It’s going to be made up of 12 books, with one being released each month, and I can’t wait to start — and finish! —  this one before February rolls around.

Also, the guy on the cover is cute.

12432220Finally, there’s Jennifer A. Nielsen’s “The False Prince”. I’m always a sucker for shenanigans in a royal court, so this might just be right up my alley.


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