What’s up at the Manila International Book Fair

You can’t call yourself a Filipino bibliophile if you haven’t at least a passing knowledge of the Manila International Book Fair. Going on for 32 years now, it has become the highlight of every Filipino book lover’s calendar, and it looks like this year’s edition isn’t going to be any different.

Aside from a number of foreign and local authors dropping by and talking to Filipino readers — National Bookstore has already announced a forum featuring authors Alexander Yates, Andy Mulligan, and Samantha Sotto — there are also a lot of other events held simultaneously for those that may want a little time away from the books on sale at the SMX Convention Center.

For instance, the 3rd Philippine English Language Conference is also being held, with events running from September 15 to 17. September 16 and 17 will have the My Wellness Program being held at Function Rooms 1 and 2, while Super Kids 2011 will also be held on the same days, at Function Room 3. For the anime fans, September 17 and 18 will see the holding of The Best of Anime 2011 at Function Room 4 & 5.  Finally, September 18 will feature the 2011 Music Festival Manila at Function Rooms 1, 2 & 3.

That is, if you can tear yourself away from everything else that is happening on the main exhibition floor. Here’s a blow by blow of all the special events going down at the SMX Convention Center during the Manila International Book Fair.

Wednesday, Sept. 14

“Libraries and Librarians in Nation Building,” by The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI)

“Simplifying the Teaching – Learning Process through Digital and Print Resources using the UbD Curriculum Framework” seminar by Glencoe / Mc-Graw-Hill Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt International Publishers, IBC Book Consolidators

“Policing Plagiarism and Copyright Updates” forum

“Filipino Readers Make it Social!” The 1st Filipino Readers Conference by the Filipino Book Bloggers

DLSU Centennial Publications by C&E Publishing

Thursday, Sept. 15

“Fight or Flight: Librarians’ Response to Demands of Today” seminar by Medical & Health Librarians Association of the Philippines

“Web Safety and Security” by Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP)

2nd St. Paul Bible Quiz Championship by Manila International Book Fair and St. Pauls

“Library 2.0: Geared Towards the Changing Information Landscape” forum, by the University of Sto. Tomas Library Science Alumni Association (USTLSAA) and Philippine Foundation for Library Scholarship, Inc. (PFLSI)

“Magna Carta for Library Workers,” by the Philippine Group of Law Librarians (PGLL)

 Talk on “Intentional Discipleship Church / Transformation” by Navigator Ministries, Inc.

Product demonstration by Microdata Systems and Management, Inc.

Book launch: “The Lord’s Prayer,” “Youcat,” and “Verbum Domini” by Word and Life Publications

Friday, Sept. 16

“Blended Librarianship” by Phil. Association of Teachers of Library Science (PATLS)

“Librarians as Knowledge Managers in the Networked Knowledge Economy” seminar, by UP Library Science Alumni Association (UPLSAA)

“Grolier Online” launching by Grolier International, Inc.,

“Philippine Native Orchids “ book launch and orchid show by Goodwill Bookstore

2nd Goodwill Bookstore Interschool Quiz

“Using Tech in Pre-school” seminar by Grolier International, Inc.

Product demonstration by Microdata Systems and Management, Inc.,

General Membership Meeting, Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society

Book launch, St. Pauls

Unveiling of new products, Church Strengthening Ministry

Saturday, Sept. 17

Scholastic Training (Reading) by Grolier International, Inc.

The Amaze-Sing Math Challenge by Edcrsich International, Inc.

Scholastic Training (Math) by Grolier International, Inc.

Fun Time with Little Genius and Storytelling with Kuya Jun by Precious Pages Corp.

National Children’s Book Awards by Adarna House, Inc.

Book Launch, Adarna House, Inc.

Sunday, Sept. 18

“Effective Strategies on Customer Service” by Ortigas Center Library Consortium (OCLC)

2011 Lampara Storytelling Competition, Lampara Publishing House, Inc.

Performance of David Pomeranz by Bridge Publications

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