Gifts for the newly grad

I resisted the lure of online shopping for the longest time, based on a couple of reasons:

1.) I was one of those people who did not have a credit card until I was well into my job at the broadsheet. And credit cards are essential to online purchases.

2.) Before moving to Manila, I lived in what would be generously labeled as the armpit of the National Capital Region — Pasay City. While delivery service would probably have no trouble finding the post office, getting my packages would involve me risking getting jeered, mugged, or stabbed. For real-real.

Of course, ordering online is now easier than ever, especially when you consider sites like Lazada. If they’d been around several years earlier, I would have been on this online shopping bandwagon quicker than you can say “Please buy this for me!”

No credit card? No problem, you can pay for your order once you receive it. Most items don’t have the high shipping fees you’d usually get when you order from other online retailers, and they even have a seven days return policy!

Which is why if you’re looking for gifts for your newly grads this summer, you guys should maybe consider checking out some of the book’s available on Lazada. They’ve got a nice selection of books written by Filipino authors — definitely more than you can say for other sites.

Just starting school this coming school year? You can prep your kids for kindergarten with the “Ready for School” series by Ani Almario. You can get all 10 books in the series for P825.

For your graduate fresh out of kindergarten and gearing up for big boy school, check out Adarna Publishing’s “Batang Historyador” series. Lazada has all five books in the series, at P412.50.

Other Adarna books you can find on Lazada include: “Magnificent Benito and His Two Front Teeth,” “The Grand Parade,” and “The Cat Painter”, the three of which you can buy for P241.

And don’t even front like you don’t want your kids to learn how to learn how to manage their little allowances. Or their totally inappropriately huge allowances, depending on what kind of parent you are. “Money for Kids: A Parent and Teacher’s Guide to Financial Literacy for Kids

For high school kids, why not try weaning them off of some of the international fantasy offerings and introduce them to some local flavor? You can get Karen Francisco’s “Naemryth”, Karl de Mesa’s “News of the Shaman”, and Eliza Victoria’s “A Bottle of Storm Clouds” for P600.

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