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Author interview: Kate Evangelista

1898007_10152009212331914_1530310742_n(Regular reader numbering in the Ones, if you haven’t noticed it yet, my blog went through a snafu that resulted in all the posts from October 2013 onwards to vanish into the ether. So I’m just uploading all of these transcripts without any garnishing because I barely remember what I wrote back then.)

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Book review: Karyn Bosnak’s “20 Times A Lady”

To be perfectly honest, the only reason I became aware of the existence of Karyn Bosnak was through Chris Evans’ unclothed torso. I pretty much had to watch “What’s Your Number” after being promised naked Chris Evans, and thankfully I wasn’t that disappointed.

Aside from the long stretches of Chris Evans without clothing, “What’s Your Number” was just your pretty typical romantic comedy. Nothing outstanding, but good enough for you to pass the time with, especially if it was on HBO.

However, when I found out that it was based on a book, my interest was immediately piqued. Would the character Chris Evans’ plays in the movie be as charming a rogue in the book? Will there be gratuitous shirtlessness? Will it have shiny inserts with stills from the movie? Perhaps a life-size poster? I’d love one of those. For science.

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