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Ronreads interview: Alexander Yates

The huge crowd at the MIBF book signing for Alexander Yates and Samantha Sotto.

Alexander Yates was one of the many wonderful people I met at the craziness that was the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). The onetime Manila resident was brought back to Manila by National Book Store to promote his debut novel, “Moondogs”, as well as to participate in a forum alongside fellow first time novelist Samantha Sotto.

I know I said the same thing about Lauren Kate and Samantha Sotto, but I can’t help it if the authors I get to interview are really nice people! I’m sure it would make a far juicier story if I said Alexander Yates was mean during the interview, but the meanest thing he probably did was insult Sookie, and Sookie isn’t exactly making it hard for people not to insult her.

Anyway, since my article on him already came out today, I thought it would be great to put up the full transcript of the interview with him. A lot of stuff got cut out of the article because of space constraints, so here’s a chance to read about everything we talked about!

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Book review: Samantha Sotto’s “Before Ever After”

Yes, I know I should have finished reading Samantha Sotto’s “Before Ever After” weeks ago, considering I got the book ahead of its actual launch date, but work wasn’t really cooperating. I only got around to sitting down and reading long tracts of it over the weekend, and I literally just finished reading it minutes ago.

A lot of things have already happened since the book’s launch: Not only has Samantha launched her book at the National Book Store, she has been to New York and back, and has ranked fourth in Amazon’s “Hot New Releases in American Literature”. Everyone else and their grandmas have already written about their on the book.

Oh my Galadriel, I hope I don’t unintentionally plagiarize what somebody else — or their grandma — has already said about the book.

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Ronreads interview: Samantha Sotto

The insane amount of people at the launch of 'Before Ever After'.

This interview should have gone up last Saturday, when my article on her finally went up. But since FAILDT had other plans for my internet connection, I’m only getting to put this up today.

I actually got to interview Samantha Sotto about a week before, and I have to say that it was one of the more stress-free author interviews I’ve ever done in a while. She is just a big nerd in the best sense of the word and is totally down-to-earth to boot.

I still haven’t finished reading “Before Ever After” I’ve had a busy week!, but so far I’m still having fun with it. Almost as much fun as I had interviewing Samantha!

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