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Book review: Chinggay Labrador’s “Popped Too”

Because readers insist Movement was based on BIGBANG.

Before “Modelland” and before the generous folks at National Book Store started putting up links to my blog over at their Facebook page, the one post that drew readers to my blog like Koreans to kimchi was my review of Chiggay Labrador’s “Popped”.

It wasn’t very pretty. I had a breakdown over on Twitter and pretty much gnashed my teeth and wailed and wore sackcloth and threw ash on my face. I wanted to burn that book to the ground and throw salt on it so nothing would ever grow on it again.

Of course, since the Universe is a cruel mistress, the sequel, “Popped Too”, came out September of last year. And of course, since I am a masochist, I got myself a copy. Took me several months before I could actually sit down and read it, but I did it, okay?

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