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Book review: Stefan Bachmann’s “The Peculiar”

Stefan Bachmann is the latest addition to the crop of teen authors that have sprung up over the course of the last decade or so.

With his debut novel “The Peculiar” — which he began writing when he was 16 — the 19-year-old joins the ranks of Christopher Paolini, Flavia Bujor, and Ned Vizzini as authors who’ve debuted in the publishing scene even before they were in their twenties.

But while buzz always surrounds these adolescent authors, the longevity of their careers is less certain. While Bujor’s “The Prophecy of the Stones was an international hit translated into 30 languages, people mostly attribute its success to the fact that Bujor wrote it when she was 12. Paolini became a New York Times bestselling author at the age of 19, but the books that followed his debut novel “Eragon” have been consistently panned by critics.

Bachmann himself has been getting a lot of buzz. Popular news site The Huffington Post named him as one of its “18 Under 18” for 2012, while Publishers Weekly named him as one of the “Flying Starts” of 2012. But will “The Peculiar” prove itself worthy of the hype surrounding its teenage author? Or will he meet the same fate as Bujor and Paolini?

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Buy my books!


So I organized my books last Saturday.

It was a lot more work than I thought it would be, as it seems I have accumulated far more books than I thought I had over the course of many, many years. And it was well into the fourth hour of my clean-up — I kid you not, it took literal hours to do this thing — that I realized I only had a limited amount of space in the apartment I share with the rest of my family.

There really was really only one thing left for me to do: Sell my books.

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Your week in books#27

  • Just in case the theaters around the country haven’t made it clear to you guys already, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” just opened yesterday. The lines to buy tickets were crazy.
  • Galleycat has an interview up with “Breaking Dawn” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. Favorite quote: “Don’t get pregnant with a demon baby unless you have vampire venom on hand.” (Source)
  • Check out the guys who lined up for the “Breaking Dawn” premiere. They’re exactly what you’d expect. (Source)
  • In “Akira-That-Is-Not Akira” news, it appears that Kristen Stewart is being tapped to play the role of Kei. Stab me with a rusty fork RIGHT. NOW. (Source)
  • Fact about myself: I did not like Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series. I could barely make it past the halfway point with “Eragon”. The movie wasn’t any better either — woefully lacking in shirtless scenes. I don’t think Paolini’s recent declaration that his next series is going to be science fiction is going to be any better either. (Source)
Jane Austen being fab.
  • If crime writer Lindsay Ashford is to be believed, then homegirl Jane “J-Hizzle” Austen was the victim of some foul play. Apparently, Mr. Bingley did her in with some arsenic. (Source)
  • Finally, under the cut are individual character poster for “The Avengers”, which comes out in the United States in May 2012. No word yet as to when it’ll come around to our fair shores, but I’m willing to bet it’s going to be around the same time. (Source)

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