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Book review: Melissa Marr’s “Carnival of Souls”

From 2007 to 2011, Melissa Marr was a constant presence on bestseller lists, thanks to the five books that make up her “Wicked Lovely” series.

Through “Wicked Lovely,” “Ink Exchange,” “Fragile Eternity,” “Radiant Shadows,” and “Darkest Mercy”, Marr introduced readers to the world of the Faery Courts, where mythical creatures plot and plan against each other and struggle against the machinations of Bananach, the embodiment of war.

After achieving so much success writing faery tales — “Wicked Lovely” peaked at number two on the New York Times Bestseller Lists, while “Ink Exchange” was a Locus Recommended Read — one wouldn’t fault Marr if she kept on doing so.

However, her latest book, “Carnival of Souls”, is certainly something different. Marr takes a break from the world of the fae and introduces readers to The City, a place populated by daimons and where danger, deception, and violence is the norm.

But will Marr’s decision to take on a new world that readers may not be familiar with prove to be a wise one? Will “Carnival of Souls” blaze a new path for Marr, or would she have been better off sticking to what worked in the past?

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