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Book review: Rachel Ward’s “Numbers”

I’m sure many of you guys remember the furor over the Wall Street Journal essay “Darkness Too Visible“, which declared most of today’s popular young adult work to be much too dark for actual young adults. The controversy that piece generated resulted in #yasaves, a Twitter-powered show of support for young adult works unafraid to toe the line with regards to the subjects of their work and how delicately — or not — to portray them.

I don’t know if #yasaves generated as much as a hubbub in the United Kingdom, but if it did, I’m pretty sure young adult author Rachel Ward would have been one of its staunchest supporters. Her debut novel, “Numbers”, certainly fits the the “dark” YA bill, as it tells the story of two teenagers on a harrowing trek across England after a terrorist attack makes them the object of a police investigation.

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