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Book review: “Mysterious Skin”

Way back in 2007, I finally worked up the nerve to watch the movie “Mysterious Skin”. I’ve been hearing a lot about it before, but because it tackles child abuse — a really big squick for me — watching it wasn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list.

It’s a good thing I finally got over my apprehensions, because as it turns out, “Mysterious Skin” is a wonderful movie. In a 2007 entry on my Livejournal, I compare the performance that Joseph Gordon Levitt’s eyes turn in as comparable to Nora Aunor’s — and I never use the name of La Aunor in vain.

It would several more years before I would get a hold of the book written by Scott Heim that the movie was based on. When I did get a copy of the book last year thanks to Doni, it would still take me several months before I could clear up some time and actually read the book. But when I finally did — I could not put it down.

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