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Book review: Marissa Meyer’s “Cinder”

Authors repurposing age-old stories to suit much more modern tastes isn’t anything new.

For instance, Alex Flinn has made quite a career out of retellings such as “Beastly”, “A Kiss in Time”, and “Cloaked”. Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson stories have not only reintroduced Greek myths to young kids, but has also given the author several weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List and a movie franchise to boot.

The latest author to join the fray is debut novelist Marissa Meyer, who burst into the scene with “Cinder”. This modern science-fiction retelling of fairy tale favorite, “Cinderella”, landed Meyer a spot on the New York Times Bestseller List on the day of its release.

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Giveaway winners!

Since the long weekend is over and everybody will be returning to the drudgery of work or school, I thought it would lighten the load for everyone if I announced the winners for the two giveaways I held last month.

The first one had a signed copy of Alexander Yates’ great novel, “Moondogs”, while the other one had 10 “The Son of Neptune” gift packs generously provided by National Book Store. Winners are under the cut!

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