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Book review: Madeline Miller’s “The Song of Achilles”

The book is more impressive than the trailer, trust me.

When it comes to publishing debuts, language professor Madeline Miller has certainly had it better than most.

After working on her debut novel, “The Song of Achilles” for 10 years, Miller finally found her book published late last year by HarperCollins.Not only that, her novel was met with almost universal acclaim. Man Booker Prize finalist Emma Donoghue named her the spiritual kin of beloved historical novelist Mary Renault, while The Guardian praised her prose as “more poetic than almost any translation of Homer.”

Early this year, Miller was awarded the Orange Prize, a £30,000 prize that recognizes English language fiction written by women.

While there may not have been as much fanfare when it made its modest debut in local bookstores — sightings are few and far between — a look at this young adult novel set in the time of the mythical Trojan War certainly proves that all the lavish praise has certainly been deserved.

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