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Your week in books#18

  • Did you guys know that there’s actually a Facebook page for people who hate reading? As of right now, the “I Hate Reading” Facebook page has more than 450,000 likes, while the similarly themed “I Hate Books” has more than 280,000. The “I Hate I Hate Reading Facebook Page” Facebook page (that’s a mouthful) meanwhile, only has a little over 500. (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)
  • The Guardian also has an essay by author Ewan Morrisson basically saying that books as we know them are done for and authors should all just give up. Joy. (Source)
  • Any Haruki Murakami fans reading? Are any of you currently living in New Jersey? A school district in NJ just pulled out “Norwegian Wood” from a school reading list because of a lesbian sex scene included in the novel. The Family Research Council (bleaurgh) says it’s is further evidence of the pushing of the “homosexual agenda”. (Source)
  • Perhaps the book banning that’s been going on the past few weeks are just a dry run for Banned Books Week (Sept. 24 to Oct. 1)? Whatever the case may be, the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression has a handy and simple guide on how to celebrate it. (Source)
  • I know that some of my friends are slowly making that transition to e-books, and that not a lot of people can afford to buy all the different e-book readers that are out there. Good thing eBookNewser has got a handy guide to convert PDF files to ePub or Kindle files. (Source)
  • And since we’re on the e-book train already, a New York start up named Booktrack is coming up with e-books that now come with their own soundtracks. (Source)
  • The New York Times also has an entertaining essay on one person’s thought on “what we do with books”. (Source)
  • Lastly, to counter the gloom and doom the first few items may have left in your mouth, how about taking a look at some of the pictures from a book so aptly titled “Wet Men”? It’s the new coffee table book from photographer Francois Rousseau, who some of you guys may remember from his Dieux de Stade calendars and videos. Take a peek at them under the cut! SO NSFW LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE.

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