Your week in books#22

  • Here’s the trailer for “The Raven”, where John Cusack plays Edgar Allan Poe as some kind of detective. It’s…different.
  • Did you hear that God — yes, God — wrote a memoir? He clears up that Adam and Steve thing. (Source)
  • Amazon is launching a science fiction and horror imprint, and some of the authors they have in their stable seem impressive! So far they have Neal Stephenson, Lee Goldberg, and William Rabkin. (Source)
  • The New York Times has a nice article about the New York Comic Con, which is happening Friday, New York time. (Source)
  • This week also saw the announcement of the finalists of the American National Book Awards. (Source)
  • Rebecca Skloot, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”, is coming out with a new book on the bond between people and animals. My copy of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” is still around here somewhere, unread. (Source)
  • Flavorwire has some great baby pictures of authors who went on to become famous. Check out the Vladimir Nabokov one! (Source)
  • Finally, check out some pictures from the loosely based on Greek mythology movie, “Immortals”, under the cut! There’s some crazy stuff going on! (Source)

You know you've outdone yourself in the costume department when I focus on the headgear and not on shirtless Kellan Lutz.
He's supposed to be playing Poseidon but I'm really not getting that vibe. Let's see.


The helmet probably helps him hear the prayers of mortals better.
I want to be in the middle of a Stephen Dorff and Henry Cavill sandwich.
See above caption.


Quality time with just Henry Cavill is also okay.
I am also amenable to a little bondage play with Henry Cavill.


I can't tell who this is but I'd be happy to clean him up and find out.

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