Your week in books#24

  • Here’s a short and interesting clip where book cover designer Chip Kidd talks about how he designed the book jacket for Haruki Murakami’s “1Q84”.
  • Following this Murakami route, there’s a really great profile of him on the New York Times. (Source)
  • Fans of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and H&M are in for a treat as the retail chain releases a clothing line inspired by the book and the upcoming Hollywood adaptation. (Source)
  • “A Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin talks about Peter Dinklage, the TV adaptation of his famous series, and how he sometimes turns to to keep his facts straight. (Source)
  • The Guardian takes a look at the latest ‘Sherlock Holmes” story penned by “Stormbreaker” author Anthony Horowitz. (Source)
  • Check out this great illustration of Batman battling all his foes at the Wayne Manor! (Source)
  • Finally, “Harry Potter” characters drawn as hipsters. (Source)
  • Edited to add: “Hunger Games” character posters under the cut!

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2 thoughts on “Your week in books#24”

  1. Haymitch has not let himself go nearly enough there. But that’s American casting for you. I swear, the American Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is going to be the Swedish movie, only without subtitles and geared toward people who don’t like to look at average forty-year-olds.

    1. That is one thing that I’ve noticed with American casting as well. When you compare American series with British series, for instance, you notice that the Brits aren’t afraid to cast average-looking people so long as they’re right for the part.

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