Your week in books#35

  • The best way to describe the above video is through the words of Tumblr user and The Shoebox Project co-author, Rave:

“Okay I’ve been sitting on this knowledge for months and months, because ever since realizing none of my other friends had seen “North and South,” I have regarded Richard Armitage as my personal property/cross to bear. (KEEP HIM SECRET! KEEP HIM SAFE!!!) However, the time has come for you to know this: there is an audiobook of Richard Armitage reading classic regency romance “Venetia,” by Georgette Heyer, and it’s mercy status.

Like, is this the best Heyer in the world? Nah! Is the hero kind of unfortunately rapey in that way Georgette’s heroes sometimes veer toward where of course the heroine secretly likes it? Sure, a little! Is this audiobook Richard Armitage rumbling tenderly in your ear at every possible vibration, for five hours? You bet your sweet dixie cup ass it is!!! Cross your legs on the bus and blush through your daily commute, because this is HAPPENING to you. (BONUS: Richard Armitage also plays such characters as a sexy debutante and a tearful upper-crust matron. IT IS AMAZING!)”

  • The New York Times has a nice article about an exhibit celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman. Head on over there to see the sketch of a real-life Jewish man that served as the inspiration for the Man of Steel himself. (Source)
  • It’s par for the course when there are contentious victories in local awards here in the Philippines — I’m looking at you MMFF — but I never thought that the same is true for something as big as the Nobel Prize for Literature. Apparently, John Steinback’s win in 1962 was a compromise choice. Even Steinback himself didn’t think he deserved it! (Source)
  • A copy of Aristotle's Compleat Master-PieceThat lovely book to the right is “Aristotle’s Compleat Master-Piece”, which first appeared around 1680. Among other things, it warned 17th century parents that if they had conjoined twins, it was probably because of their sins. It was banned in the United Kingdom until the 1960s, and is now going to be sold at an auction in Edinburgh this month. Aristotle most definitely did not write it. (Source)
  • The Guardian has a list of 1000 novels that everyone must read. Check it out! (Source)

Dennis Lehane missing dog poster

  • Dennis Lehane, author of “Shutter Island” and “Gone Baby Gone”, wants your help in finding his lost beagle, Tessa (pictured above). He’ll even name a character in his new novel after you if you help out! (Source)


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